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Jelly-Stick: Sorta Personal

Hello, I'm Jelly-Stick! I'm 20 years old and a wannabe comic book artist. This is my personal blog/mod blog for all my tumblr accounts. Mostly this is just a dumping ground for all the fandoms I like, so don't expect any consistency! Check out my other blogs too!

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Jul 23 '14





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Jul 23 '14



I had to do a dramatic reading of millionfish's amazing art.


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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 23 '14

Professor - To all the students. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 22 '14



how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.

mmm yes shoving a dry cotton ball into my vagina is so sensual I’m dripping wet wow I love it

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Jul 22 '14

Tags: shit delete later text post im trash and i get lonely really easily ghgasdghg missing the bf and whining about it

Jul 22 '14

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Jul 22 '14

Rome had no sun worshipers. Why should they parallel Rome in every way except one?

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Jul 22 '14

Kaguya Hime No Monogatari: Coming out in November 23rd
gifs from the teaser (x) stills (x)

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Jul 22 '14

actual footage of John Cena’s workout routine.

for wrasslers and wweass, god bless

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