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Jelly-Stick: Sorta Personal

Hello, I'm Jelly-Stick! I'm 20 years old and a wannabe comic book artist. This is my personal blog/mod blog for all my tumblr accounts. Mostly this is just a dumping ground for all the fandoms I like, so don't expect any consistency! Check out my other blogs too!

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Apr 20 '14

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Apr 20 '14

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Apr 20 '14

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Apr 14 '14

Triple H

Triple H

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Apr 13 '14

I don’t really know what “I love you” means. I think it means “don’t leave me here alone.” - Neil Gaiman

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Apr 13 '14

Hayao Miyazaki - Self Portrait.

Hayao Miyazaki - Self Portrait.

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Apr 12 '14

Bucky and Steve + bridges

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Apr 12 '14




Don’t trust white boys named Hunter



leave my beautiful darling alone-

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Apr 12 '14


A   C O N T I N U A T I O N   O F   T H I S

NOTE: Because of many people’s similar reaction to my previous post, I feel the need to clarify that this series isn’t intended to have a Hans-apologist kind of vibe. My purpose here is not to excuse his behaviour in the film or to get people to pity him. I just wanted to add a little bit of ‘depth’ where it was suggested there were stories behind his actions. I’m basically trying to figure out a possible background and progression that could explain why and how he was shaped into a villain, if we accept some villains are made rather than born. But I get some people want this character to be evil for the sake of being evil, and that is completely fine! So please don’t get too upset over these, keep in mind this is just my take on a hypothetic past, loosely based on hints from the movie and what Frozen directors have revealed so far.

Inspiration from rennydraws for the 8th panel and donc-desole for the last one.

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Apr 12 '14

"But I wanted it blue!" "Now, dear, we decided pink was her color" "YOU decided!"

"But I wanted it blue!" "Now, dear, we decided pink was her color" "YOU decided!"

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Apr 12 '14


"Can I get a photo of just you?"

"You can have 87 billion"

and then we had a photo shoot


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Apr 11 '14

Hey guys, any of my followers B.A.P fans? We have a GROUND FLOOR TICKET for sale.

Me and my friends have on extra ticket because one of my friends is unable to go. We have ONE ground floor ticket for $130 for the concert this weekend in New York, this Sunday at the Best Buy Center. 

If anyone is interested, please contact me for more information, we could really use the help. We don’t wanna be left with a ticket we don’t need!

If you have any friends in the NYC area who would be interested, please reblog or share this post, thank you.

- Jelly

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